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Or is it just gonna remain the same. They were enslaved for more than years. Just two centuries before if you were a black you cannot even walk around the roads as you wish. It is as their masters command they work sleep and even eat. But it never get equal right, blacks were discriminated buy having separate schools for blacks, taking back seats in bus, separate parks and separate ghettos to live. It was after great struggle by leaders like Martin Luther king Jr, after which the racial inequality subsided.

Now in the modern American standard each American either has a black friend or a neighbor. And most of them working in blue collar and white collar jobs. Just look at the stage by stage advancement of negros in America. From being a slave, they have got themselves equal rights which is not any different from being a native or a citizen. Growth in various sectors- After s blacks started to collaborate the American music which inspired a lot of. Michael Jackson and Tina turner, James brown and many more started dominating the entertainment industry.

So was the Hollywood acting which had a lot of lead actors who were blacks. Now that they are also slowly gaining political legitimacy. Barack Obama was a sprout of first black entering into power. And many more becoming mayor's and senators. Following prediction is given There will be a political ascendancy of black people. They will also dominate the business scene of market. More blacks will enter the wall street and business scenario of American culture. More black people will be educated than the white. They will live long and fertility rate will be high for blacks which will increase the population.

Just like the backward communities in India they will capture many powerful positions in the society both business and politically The racial tensions between white and black will increase which will lead to socio political economic mastery over the whites by the blacks. In other words they will become masters of America. The white kings will become slaves of America and the black slaves will become masters of America. Many families and their dreams are getting wrecked, still hearts being shattered. All that joy is coming to a expeditious end. As the problems of current H-1B spouse work visa cancellations are taking a back a lot of indian families in america, my guru was studying articles on these issues in many papers and he smiled at me saying.

The question is of how successful would they be after returning. He said, Take the patterns of mahatma gandhi, jawaharlal Nehru or sardar vallabhai Patel and most leaders of the freedom movement were foreign returns..

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Moreover it is the 8th house transit for India, which means it is the end of lot of old ways and routes and the beginning of a new era and a cycle of economy. Even great varahamihira specifies India's lagna as makar which means this Saturn transit in the coming 2 and a half year will be the birth of a new period for india.

A new era of new businesses, ideologies and movements will begin soon. So my fellow country men don't fear come back to India Many people would hope these laws will get abolished after trump presidency. He said presidents will change, policies won't First they will send out immigrants working temporarily or indians who are studying there. Then would be H-1B visa holders. Undoubtedly it is all just one reason after the other to cook up stories and bring laws to wipe out nearly all.

I was just amazed, and just asked him one question. Like how the former UK president sir John major wanted to abolish all the lower paid jobs, so that Britain people would get that job. Not just that the stock markets are doing very well after 44 years and the unemployment rates have come down after a elongated period.

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This is what they have wanted and they will just not stop because their economy is going well. They will allow immigrants to study there but eventually they would be chucked out.


Early s allowed Indians to study and settle there. The possibility is dropping slowly. In the future they will study there but eventually they will not be placed or get a prospective job over there Americans just did not realize they had been invaded by Indians , africans and Asians subtly like how the great Britain invaded us. It is their unconscious wanting to get rid of the people who took over their jobs and livelihood. I was just flabbergasted for a moment That means my uncle's and aunts staying there would come here one day yes He said.

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So give up the American dream …. What is happening in s is happening now, the same way Indians dreamt of going abroad and settling now the boats are turning, the direction of winds are changing he exclaimed. I thoughts like bullets shot over my head, I finally asked him one simple questions why are we so oppressed , the Americans can invade when they want and send us back when they want..

But why are we put in such a position always?. He laughed aloud, oh dear!.. Do you think the sins of their act is not going to. Do you think they can simple run away from their deeds?.. That is not possible. Conclusively I asked him what is to be done then. He said come back to India… the reverse brain drain will happen , all the top economically successful people who have established a great position, will still have the zest to grow and return back to establish their own business here.

What a caterpillar feels as a disaster , master calls it a butterfly. East or west, your country is the best!! The market after the diwali muhurtha trading shows a crash of the market for the coming one year. The 11th lord is in 8th house with many planets in 6th house. The muhurtha is very weak for growth of market. The market will be more on a bearish run. The markets will crash gradually. The 10th lord from the muhurtha is in 8th house. The lagna lord being in 8th house shows the performance of all the top companies and giants are going to go haywire. The penny stocks and mid cap stocks are not going to do well.

Large caps will do well. There will be a lot of economic crisis especially the year october- october. Astrologer k. Indian astrologer does astrology analysis and predicts that hillary will be the democtaric party presidential canditate for USA Election.

Tamilnadu will have coalition government. Indian astrologer says that mars and rahu combines together till 27th of december. The Predictions are: There will not be a deluge of heavy rain. If at all there wil be a rain of maximum 10cm. Monsoon will be active without further damage. There will be cyclone in the south east part of tamilnadu which bring intermittent rain. The worst is over similar to me predicting that there will be no tsunami People will return to normalcy within 15 days.

Indian Astrology Predicted in WhatsApp: June 22nd bjp will be surprised and wave of modi will recede plus nitish is veteran who will see through success. November 9th, Aung San Suu Kyi will win the elections and make history in Burma November 26th, india will win the test series against South Africa December 4th India will win against South africa in Feroz kotla, delhi Connect with us in Whatsapp to get regular predictions.

Eminent Indian astrologer Mr. Gopalakrishnan Chennai , who is otherwise famous for his correct political predictions, has once again proved to be correct regarding his prediction regarding the Malaysian Airliner. As I could not find the answer, I phoned to Mr. Gopalakrishnan for the answer. Next day he replied that the plane has crashed in the sea and it would be confirmed by Tuesday the 18th March. It has actually been confirmed on 19th March that the debris of the plane were first sighted on Monday, the 18th March.

This has again proved the usefulness of astrology, a divine science. Earlier, Mr. Gopalakrishnan had very accurately predicted the outcome of state elections. I asked him the reason of this accuracy because astrology alone cannot give such accurate figures. Siddhi is a process of use of thought power by which one can contact the Universal Mind for seeking answers. His other predictions are as under: BJP will get more than two hundred seats but less than With other parties mainly led by women NDA will get seats.

India and China are standing at a dangerous point in their relationship. India - Pakistan Standoff Updated 31 Dec PM. Kennedy, the rise of Hitler in Germany, the French Revolution, and many important events. Will the day bring success? Somedays come with bad omen.


Walt Disney still chalks out their dates and time of actions. At this success, he will be so happy that his heart will collapse and will not see his own victory. India vs Pakistan seen through Vedic Astrology.

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Welcome to our match prediction post for the Cricket matches of 30 08, A giant tsunami will strike Asia in as per Baba Vanga's predictions. A few days let our expectations go down. Since you would have seen many articles on Astrology, but this time around we thought why not we do something different. In the meantime, predictions made by Nostradamus for is also going viral on the internet. Pakistan was declared Independent on 13th August at Top 10 controversial statements of the LS poll Replying to the queries of the audience on the linkage of science and astrology, Eclipse without the help of instruments during Mahabharata war.

The exact dates for this change are from September 1, to October 14, As per conspiracy theorists, the war will be either fought between the United States and Russia, or between the United States and North Korea. If not war at least fierce battle is possibility in the borders. Sundar Balakrishnan. Example 1. And this is one very important reason why, if there is an all out war, India will attempt to seize Pakistani territory In the current situation, it is most apt to study India's chart rather than Pakistan's as India is in a position to take a decision to go to war.

Ganesha does astrology prediction to find out whether there will be a war between the two countries in the near future. Register with amarujala. Zee Media Corporation Ltd, India's largest news network, touches the lives of over million Indians through a clutch of national and regional news.

Check out the latest news from India and around the world. Match Details. The victorious General will be our companion. Forum should change name to astrology and prediction front. Predictions for Before her death in , Baba Vanga had allegedly predicted that a tsunami of a similar scale will hit Asia in , resulting in the death of millions in countries like India, Pakistan, Japan, and Indonesia. Free online Vedic Indian, Hindu Horoscope Janma kundali report service with detailed birth chart analysis and dasha predictions.

Hindu astrology includes several nuanced sub-systems of interpretation and prediction with elements not found in Hellenistic astrology, such as its system of lunar mansions. This time he's made three. According to the details, a tsunami will hit parts of Pakistan, Japan, China, Indonesia and even Alaska this year.

May be for the scenario of India, China and Pakistan, it is not. The NDA's tally could be between , while the BJP may end up around seats, as per the prediction of Rajasthan's Phalodi satta November 14, to December — Overall, he will be one of the most popular leaders in India and around the world. India and Pakistan fought a third war in over what was East Pakistan, which later became an independent Bangladesh. Vajpeyee was a PM of india. The ruling Communist Party of China has issued a stern warning to neighboring India, with which it is engaged in a bitter border dispute that has recently seen Chinese live-fire drills and media The recent ending of the Second World War and the emergence of the modern world as we know it.

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  • Modi will face no political setback till , say astrologers.
  • Modi is great leader of India. The following table shows the horoscope aspects, eclipses, and retrogrades set for New York time. Mars, the lord of the twelfth house of war, of India's chart and the natural significator of war, is currently passing exactly opposite to its natal position. What bags for india let us have a look on some aspects Through Astrology - satrun will be in sagittarus till jupitor will be in virgo till mid then jupitor will move to astrological sign libra. The finale of the 12th season is here, the journey of over one and a half month will see its conclusion today.

    August 13, at PM Inference: The first part of the prediction foretells loss of wealth of the rich perhaps by way of ED attachment of properties or debt trap. Become the person you were always meant to be. Check out today's predictions by Sundeep Kochar. Jessica Adams B. However, astrology can do that with in faction of second. China will also support Pakistan in its war against India.

    So it is an astrological inevitability that both Imran and Modi will be at loggerhead in and later by the summer of there will be an India-Pakistan war with China strategically helping Pakistan to shift the power balance in south-east-Asia into his favor decisively. South Africa Today Match Prediction Quatrain 75, Century X Long awaited, he will not take birth in Europe, India will produce the immortal ruler, Seeing wisdom and power of unlimited scope, Asia will bow before this conquering scholar.

    If you are looking for Today Match Prediction, Dream11 Prediction, Myteam11 prediction, Halaplay Prediction, Fanfight prediction or any fantasy cricket prediction then you will find on crix Financial Astrology - July 15, If there is going to be a war I would look to the fall of or early It provide the ful depth informtion to criket history of india with contest of astrology,Thanks for analytical information of indian criket with astropoint. Scholars of Nostradamus believe that he had foreseen and predicted the third World War.

    I first wrote this for my website. Bangladesh desperately needs a win in this match to keep their hopes of qualifying for the knockouts alive. All the best, Jamie. Book Cover. India has developed its own rockets, missiles, airplanes, computers- majorly by its own mettle. Capricorn daily career horoscope - 3 September The report is a conversation between two Astrologers, David Anton Savage and Ron Berger, discussing the News of the Week, and relating it all to the planetary patterns in the zodiac.

    No other than Lord Shiva can say with authority that a particular event must happen. Your horoscope will help you to unlock your hidden potential in life, love, and career, and blossom into your best self. Who Will Win Today Match prediction highlights and live matches played around the world. India is Taurus lagana moon sign cancer nakshatra pushya. The United States drop nuclear bombs on Japan and the nuclear race begins.

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    • The remarkable quality about them may make us question the authenticity of the source. Now, I don't want to compare the two, but I have seen, using seven different methods that Modi will win. India and Pakistan are Independent nations since Its only rival is India — no one even comes close to Beijing in regard to its wealth or influence. As if this were not a sufficient warning to fanatics, Nostradamus makes his meaning still more explicit in the following: Quatrain 96,… Its a very good post regarding the astrology about India Horoscope and Cricket.

      Today's Horoscope, August 8, Check out the astrology prediction for your zodiac sign Description: Horoscope August 8, Every day is full of new opportunities and new hurdles. The Psychic Predictions were Posted on YouTube and here on 18 September I make my psychic predictions for the coming year in September and usually do a review and some new predictions in December. India has fought three wars with Pakistan, primarily over Kashmir but it also facilitated the creation of Bangladesh in Modern India was born on 26th January when she became independent. It was only after the transmission of Hellenistic astrology that the order of planets in India was fixed in that of the seven-day week.

      Within this period, Pakistan can launch an attack because removal of Article makes Pakistan case against India in International forum totally negatory. Joshua in the Bible Stopped the Sun for 24 hrs. Example 2. Aug 03, Saturn is the planet of productions, Saturn is a planet of industries, Saturn is a planet of economy, Saturn is the planet of finance, Saturn is the Astrology Predictions on India,US and china A war may break out in the second half of or The interpreters of his book, Centuries, opine that Nostradamus had accurately predicted the assassination of John F.

      Those who have not read these prediction, which were published many years back can see these articles, which describe a most fearsome nuclear conflict between India and Pakistan — The Prediction of Nostradamus on the War in Punjab and The Prediction about the destruction of Pakistan By Nostradamus. Rao, Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan. As per my research in Astrology, in Feb some unforgetful large event should occur in this world. We bring you important Predictions for and by Psychics and Continuing his attack on India amid tensions over the centre's Kashmir move, Pakistan Railway Minister Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad said on Wednesday that he feels a full-fledged war will be fought between India and Pakistan in October or November this year.

      Kamal Nath-led Congress Based on the dasa and transit it is a very high possibility that India could get into war with Pakistan before July, Finally, we can take a look at the Nostradamus predictions Such changes were visible during the last month as well. While other teams costumes will be same. Global: Video with predictions. According to reports in the Pakistani media Besides politics, the astrologer said that there would be a war between India and Pakistan in It will provoke Pakistan into war with India.

      It's Bejan Daruwalla's birthday on Monday. Now I wonder if the second part of that prediction from December comes next. Jyotisha or Jyotishya is the traditional Hindu system of astrology, also known as Hindu. Even the uncovering of a plot at this point would be enough to push these two countries into war or at least to push India into striking back at the Pakistani based Rajasthan Royals will play in pink jersey in this season.

      India's economy will do well in 2nd half of and in when its GDP will rise. Scholars say, Nostradamus had predicted the usage of nuclear weapon in the World War 3. Originally posted on Anoop Astrology Sutra: Pakistan in current Position Pakistan is passing through Mahadasha Period of Moon, which is placed in its own house of Public, opposition parties.

      Weather Report List of top Bollywood films set for release in Astrosapna feels afters seeing the Indian horoscope that moon is of pushya lagna. This time period will likely see major geopolitical changes, including international tensions, tightening of the this video is about astrologer prediction on India Pakistan war !

      astrology prediction on narendra modi Astrology prediction on narendra modi
      astrology prediction on narendra modi Astrology prediction on narendra modi
      astrology prediction on narendra modi Astrology prediction on narendra modi
      astrology prediction on narendra modi Astrology prediction on narendra modi
      astrology prediction on narendra modi Astrology prediction on narendra modi
      astrology prediction on narendra modi Astrology prediction on narendra modi
      astrology prediction on narendra modi Astrology prediction on narendra modi
      astrology prediction on narendra modi Astrology prediction on narendra modi
      Astrology prediction on narendra modi

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