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Sun enters Scorpio

That equates to roughly , words per year. They have their own business and service many clients. I finished close to on time, but it was the Fourth of July weekend and my team was off with their families. For many, horoscopes are viewed as balm for the disillusioned not willing to pony up for a therapist.

For devoted followers, they are sage advice to guide careers, relationships and navigate personal tragedy. This is information people rely on, which they must have on the first of every month.

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According to Tali Edut, an astrologer and one-half of the AstroTwins, she publishes the horoscopes a few days before the first of the month as her readers also get upset if she's late. Whether the advice is free or not, the members of ABSM claim they can no longer tolerate the way Miller runs her organization. She is able to charge good-sized advertising fees because of her large following and get people to pay for her App because her forecasts have historically been great. Miller has developed intellectual property—the appearance of being able to calculate charts and positions of stars, and explain it all in a voice and artistry that even detractors admit is unique in the horoscope world.

Readers stick around—even the ones currently claiming mutiny—for many reasons, but most important to the business: Miller is likeable. Her loquacious nature seeps into conversation, as it does her monthly forecasts. Even for those lukewarm to astrology, her charisma toward the topic behaves like a riptide, pulling one against common sense. While lateness is regrettable for any business, the same readers critiquing the tardiness were commenting on the Facebook page the day after the horoscopes posted.

A health issue may have forced you to restructure your lifestyle or change your eating and exercise habits. With Saturn gone, balance and vitality are restored. The July 12 Cancer solar eclipse could bring a big energy surge and even a bold new look. Last year was heavily focused on family, as Jupiter toured your domestic sector. You could begin adapting to changes: maybe a new home, a relocation or an addition to the family.

In February and August, eclipses in your real estate sector could bring a property sale. Midyear, your social life could get an extreme makeover, as innovative Uranus enters your eleventh house of group activity. You could even get involved in local politics or collaborate for a cause.

Cancer August 2019 Astrology Horoscope Forecast

Never miss a star-powered moment again! Order a book for just your sign or the complete Planner with forecasts for all 12 signs! Earth and water again. All good.

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This baby fits in so perfectly it's insane! It's Miller's level of detail and depth that keeps people coming back. The allusion to Tolstoy's doorstop of a book is deliberate: Miller's forecasts run to 48, words, an anomaly in the age of the tweet, and a point of principle for Miller, who refuses all overtures to slim them down. She remembers scoring her first online gig in — way back in the primordial swamp of online media — for Time Warner's short-lived website Pathfinder.

astrology zone susan miller twitter

They said: 'Won't you get tired? Me tired?


No, no, no, no, no. I don't get tired. She claims to work around 20 hours a day, and is fond of quoting her mother, who told her: "When you grow up and you start working, here's what you have to remember — produce or get out. Miller has the brisk instincts of a businesswoman who understands what it takes to build a brand. She remembers showing her father how to market his store by composing signs — "We finally have arugula! Come in! A consistent feature of Miller's path to astrological fame is her easy ability to ingratiate herself with decision-makers.

That hand-written sign for arugula was a harbinger of things to come. She appears to have won everlasting support at Apple by sending them a prospectus in a red velvet box inspired by Snow White, a childhood favourite. And it is true to this day.

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Miller rarely gives private readings, but for a later interview she has asked me to call my mother and confirm my time of birth. We are in a restaurant for dinner, and while we wait for the food she pulls out her computer and taps in my details. Miller tries again. She nods knowingly. Oh by the way, the weakest part of your body is your ankles, so if you're skateboarding or something you really have to pay attention.

Aries Horoscope for October 12222

The other part is your head, which includes teeth, and Saturn is in Aries. Saturn could give you headaches or teeth pain. Miller told me some very nice things about my future, but I wasn't feeling especially persuaded until I began writing this piece and came down with a chronic toothache. Dosed up on painkillers, I made my way to a dentist, who carried out an immediate root canal.

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  • If I hadn't been checking my notes for this story I might have forgotten Miller's observation about my teeth. So I downloaded Miller's app and I've found myself checking it casually each morning.

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