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Detroit Tigers. Milwaukee Brewers. These phases are visible in the sky by the varying positions between Sun, Moon and Earth. We know them as the Moon-phases. In the traditional astrology we are used to interpret only these phases where it concerns the Moon. In this orbit the Moon reaches her furthest distance from Earth — the Black Moon — and a distance where she is closest to Earth — Priapus -. Both these points in the elliptical Moon cycle give important information of who we are beyond our personality; our Essential Self.

This is the bigger part of our being where we have a connection with the cosmos in the way when we were born, but that became dormant a few years after our birth.

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The Apogee as the farthest distance is the Black Moon and the Perigee as the closest distance is Priapus. In the first module all positions of the Black Moon and of Priapus in house and sign will be discussed. Also the important individual process of the Lunar axis is discussed in detail as a birthing process of our Essential Self. Both represent an important theme how to transcend the boundaries of the personality and so that we can begin to experience ourselves as creative cosmic beings.

The path from the Black Sun to the Diamond is highly topical in this time of shifting from the old 3D world to the 5D new energy. The more we purify ourselves from old conditioned lunar energy and start to live from our divine inner core — The Black Moon — the more we open up to make our inner Diamond shine into this world.

The Solar Axis is an enriching astrological guide on this path. The North Node represents our personal life purpose, the South Node is our emotional imprinting of the past. The core creation of life consists of two poles that attract each other like magnets in a perpetual evolutionary dance: energy or consciousness and matter.

The Beast and the Dragon represent energy and matter respectively, each working to extremes in a process from primal energy to perfect form. Dragon and Beast are immediately connected with the North and South Node.

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Also you will learn to fuse these principles with the traditional chart. You will learn how to interpret the aspects of these 9 points among themselves, for example Black Moon conjunct Black Sun, Priapus conjunct Diamond, etc. In addition, Pluto and Chiron are discussed and you learn how to work with them in Diamond Astrology.

Practical examples are discussed and the difference between Lilith and the Black Moon is also discussed. The aspects of the planets with the Metaphysical Luminaries are discussed, among other things, in Module 5 and 6. This does not require an exam. Examination can be taken after having followed Module 5 and 6.

black and white astrology Black and white astrology
black and white astrology Black and white astrology
black and white astrology Black and white astrology
black and white astrology Black and white astrology
black and white astrology Black and white astrology
black and white astrology Black and white astrology
black and white astrology Black and white astrology

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