Imum coeli in pisces astrology

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Otherwise, you'll be running the risk of falling into a critical-point neurosis.

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You're kind of stubborn when you want An extreme sense of curiosity moves you through life, but watch out! Energies can fade away without being able to set and specify anything. The rough thing about the IC is that you doubt everything, so you need to find a way to create steady convictions. If your IC falls on Gemini, your intellect will be strong, but it needs proper focus. The home took a crucial role during your childhood, and it still has it today. Moreover, as an adult you've seen that the world is a nasty place, and that your home is a shelter, a safe haven to return to after a rough day of work.

With an IC in Cancer, you might reminisce on past lives through dreams. A Leo IC gives you great creativity, but also a dangerous sense of pride. You need to watch out for arrogant thoughts. You tend to think big and your heart's bigger than ever, but you're making the mistake of expecting others to give exactly the same as you, and that's a rare occurrence. In the past, you experienced tough discipline at home, and that's a serious influence now. There are shame-related issues that still haven't been fully resolved. If you have a Virgo IC, your goal is to reach depersonalisation and to avoid making appearances and other people's opinions the focal point of your life.

You were the classic social kids. Your parents might have been diplomats, or working in the world of teaching. You tend to think of others' needs too much, but it might be a strategy to avoid thinking about yourself more. If your IC is in Libra, you'll have extra motivation to fight for inner balance. Intensity is your keyword.

With this IC you can't play games, because you're always about to explode. Because Scorpio is a watery sign, this location makes room for great psychologists who make mental research their profession. No matter how dissatisfying life is as an experience, you can always rise like a phoenix on this node. Regeneration cycles are constant.

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When you were little, you were always moving around; now, as an adult, that constant on-the-go feel is more mental. You like to explore every single idea you deem interesting, but watch out and don't be too arrogant, because you risk becoming a know-it-all. Controlling the fire of passion to focus it on more abstract, long-term goals is perfect with a Sagittarius IC.

Perhaps discipline during your childhood was too tough, and now you want to see the world under the same scope. If you don't overcome this classic Capricorn rigidity, the world will be too tight a place. You need to let positive emotions have room of their own in your life. There's also a tendency for your bad mood coming out too often, so keep that at bay as well. Your inner child is alive and kicking, and with this IC creativity is the wind beneath our goals' wings. You can express yourself freely because, with an Aquarius IC, your family has very likely promoted originality.


The problem here is that sometimes we need to focus more and deliver the right answer. You need to refocus all your available talent. During your childhood, you might have lived in a seemingly mystical but overly emotional environment. In your adult life, with a Pisces IC you try to make up for emotional excess by watching relationships closely. It's important not to repress the mysterious side of life, and work isn't incompatible with healthy relationships. With a node like this, you'll tend to reject sentimentalism, and there's no such thing as a good extreme.

All about Capricorn. All about Sagittarius. All about Aries. All about Pisces. All about Scorpio. All about Aquarius. All about Gemini. All about Taurus. Either way, your family tends to have a profound effect on you. You want your home to be a happy place, and you want to have a strong familial core. You need nurturing relationships, and you may always be looking for someone to take care of you. Natal Mercury in the 4th House With your natal Mercury in the 4th house, you can have a hard time being open to new ideas, thoughts, projects, or ways of doing things.

You like to stick to conventional methods. You have a long memory, especially if Mercury is in an earth or water sign and in the 4th house. You tend to view things through the scope of your own life rather than being objective.

Alyssa 🌙 — Aries IC/Libra MC With Aries on the Imum Coeli,

You like to engage with your family members, and want your home to be an active place where you can exchange ideas. You may have a strong interest in your family history and the stories that are passed down. History in general could be of interest to you, and you like to study the past.

Natal Venus in the 4th House With your natal Venus in your 4th house, you want your home to be as attractive as possible. This makes you feel comfortable at home, and comfort is key for you. Your family is important to you, and you want a good family connection to feel secure and safe.

Anyone who wants to attack them will have to deal with you first. You can be passive-aggressive when you get angry, and when wounded, it goes deep for you. While very emotional, you can shy away from being open about that, and it leads to all sorts of issues. You likely have a lively family that loves to debate, or one full of strife. You can take great pride in your home, and like to tackle home improvement projects.

Natal Jupiter in the 4th House With your natal Jupiter in your 4th house, you want a life of comfort and leisure. You may be more active as you get older. You can make decisions using your gut, and it rarely steers you in the wrong direction. Natal Saturn in the 4th House With your natal Saturn in your 4th house, you may have a hard time expressing a mothering attitude. Some of you may try to go to the extreme, and nurture too much to make up for it. You have to learn how to be encouraging and supportive of the people that you care about, and how to open up about your feelings.

Over time, you get used to it. Natal Uranus in the 4th House With your natal Uranus in your 4th house, your home life can be erratic. You may move a lot, always feeling restless and needing a change after a period of time, or you moved a lot as a child.

Midheaven in Astrology

There may not have been a lot of nurturing and encouragement in your childhood, and you can have a hard time being nurturing as an adult. You have to find different ways of showing support and encouraging others, and work on being more reliable. You could also form an unconventional home and family life.

Natal Neptune in the 4th House With your natal Neptune in your 4th house, growing up was likely hard to do in your home as a kid. Responsibility can be too much for you to handle at times, and you run away. Conversely, you can be a mother figure to others and try to win people over through your nurturing nature. Natal Pluto in the 4th House With your natal Pluto in your 4th house, you tend to keep the most important parts of yourself hidden away from everyone else.

Your home life growing up could have had too many secrets, events that caused guilt, or situations that make you avoid change now. You have to learn to open up and release the guilt, shame, or fears that you took on from your childhood. You may do something new to your home to spruce it up, buy or sell a home, move, or fix something. You could do more with your family, spending more time with them than working or being social, and can have family outings or get-togethers at home. You can work on building up your inner foundation and getting in touch with your emotions.

Transit Moon in the 4th House With the Moon going through your Fourth House, these few days are well spent doing some inspection of the self. Evaluate your roots, your inner foundation, and how well those have been cultivated and what changes, if any, need to be made to strengthen them. Grounding yourself and planting your feet firmly in the earth is positive, especially to increase your sense of security which may need a boost at this point. Understanding your intimate relationships, especially your familial ones, can be achieved now.

Being nurturing to yourself and others comes easily, and you may want to just stay at home the days of this transit, spending time alone with your thoughts or with loved ones. You may feel more private, keeping things to yourself and remaining quiet. Memories can be stronger, and you may use them to understand your subconscious mind better. Something could come up with your home or family that causes emotional upheaval. You have an easier time communicating with your family, or with those you consider your family and are most comfortable with.

You think more clearly at home, and in environments that are familiar.


Your career according to your midheaven sign

A family member could introduce you to someone, and you could meet someone who works with homes in some way like an interior designer, carpenter, or architect , is a caregiver, family counselor, or nurse. You may try to improve the appearance of your home, wanting to live in a nice place, and can buy new items for your home.

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You can also have an easier time dealing with your relatives. You can defend your family, but also argue with them more.

Astrology - I. C. IN PISCES

Your family may require more attention from you for some reason. You can work on your home at this time, or try to buy, sell, or move. If transit Uranus is also in the 4th house, it can happen unexpectedly or suddenly. You can also be more subjective, having a harder time seeing things outside of your own perspective, and are less open to other people. Transit Jupiter in the 4th House When transit Jupiter is in your 4th house, you could have the opportunity to expand your home in some way. Perhaps you put on an addition or knock down walls to make it feel more expansive.

You want to have more freedom of movement at home, which is why you feel the need for a bigger place. You could buy a new place, or begin investing in real estate. You enjoy being at home now more than in the past, and enjoy spending time with your family, or at least try to improve your familial relations. A new member of the family could appear during this transit.

You can also focus on strengthening your inner foundation, the very basic part of your that you build yourself on, and try to bring more stability into your life through that. You can also be more encouraging and supportive of your loved ones during this transit.

imum coeli in pisces astrology Imum coeli in pisces astrology
imum coeli in pisces astrology Imum coeli in pisces astrology
imum coeli in pisces astrology Imum coeli in pisces astrology
imum coeli in pisces astrology Imum coeli in pisces astrology
imum coeli in pisces astrology Imum coeli in pisces astrology
imum coeli in pisces astrology Imum coeli in pisces astrology
imum coeli in pisces astrology Imum coeli in pisces astrology

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