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Mayan Horoscope: Jaguar

Snakes get along well with eagles, dogs, snakes, and jaguars. DEER Deer are vivacious people who quickly think, and are full of optimism and joy. They are good and kind, talkative and like peace.

21 December 2012 - The Black Jaguar continues

They have many friends and are eloquent in any company. All of that is just an illusion because they can hardly believe people. At work, they are very efficient. Their ambition helps them to be successful and to reach high personal goals. They like to be in the direct contact with nature. Being shy lovers, they never give themselves to the fullest, nor can enjoy the relationship. When they fall in love, they never know whether the affection is mutual or not.

This is the reason their relationships fail. They are very sensitive and easily hurt. Deer are compatible with people born under the signs of dog, jaguar, monkey, flower and rabbit. Jaguars are attracted to power and fame. They can't stand mistakes, or can watch others spoil their plans. They are excellent organizers and perfect leaders, who never risk unless they're sure of success. They are courageous and like it when people admire their heroism.

In love, they are very sensual and exceptionally romantic. They are also honest, sincere and jealous in a relationship. They need to know that they are in control. They can be demanding of themselves and others. Jaguar gets along with crocodile, reed, rabbit and deer. These are cheerful and intelligent people who are in constant need of spirituality, art and joy.

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Reeds are proud to be independent. They are skilled with words and with earning money. They are better as a friend than lovers, although have characteristic charm and charisma. They like their friends and families, as well as surprises. Boredom is something they're afraid of. Being of changeable nature, they rarely commit their selves to partners. They need their freedom. Reeds get along well with flints, jaguars, flowers, and houses.

These are hard-working people who know how to get money. They love luxurious things on which they're ready to spend a small fortune. But, they also save for a rainy day. They are not good at superior positions, but they are excellent co-workers and advisors. They are successful businessmen and skilled diplomats. As long as people treat them kindly and with respect, they will behave the same way.

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They are energetic and always make plans for the future. They are unfaithful in love and like to change partners and homes. In the relationship, they are tolerant and romantic, but with time, they get bored and start to change. However, they pay more attention to emotions than to sex. Rabbits are tireless perfectionists who will fight to achieve their goals. Rabbits get along well with people born under the sign of deer, snake, jaguar and dog. He likes power and influence. He is an excellent manager who takes the risk and knows how to ensure victory. He is too impulsive and passionate and lets his instinct rule over reason.

He is full of energy and vitality; he takes care of his friends, so can easily be hurt by betrayal. He needs time to get over it. When it comes to love, he is impatient, and his emotions are intense. Stability of Eagles completely depends on their love life. Eagle is too proud and a bit greedy; he should learn how to give. He gets along with people born under the sign of snake, dog and eagle.

Monkey is original and creative, his vivid imagination seeks the ways to realize his fantasies, and otherwise he becomes bored and frustrated. He is an excellent friend, but selfish in love.

Jaguar Character by Mayan Horoscope

He will not agree to demands of a partner. He always has something new and attractive to offer. Communication in a relationship is important to him, as well as support and understanding. People born under this sign get along with crocodiles, deers, rabbits and other monkeys. He has a strong personality and willpower. He sets high goals for himself and gets into risky situations for which others don't have courage. He is an excellent, passionate lover. He is careful and kind to everybody around him. He fears changes and everything that can endanger his security. He should bare his soul sometimes, to feel better.

Flint gets along well with crocodile, deer, rabbit and monkey. These are very intuitive people who can listen to others and are ready to give the best of them. They spend a lot of time thinking and analyzing; they are perfectionists. Since they don't want that their private life suffers, they need a stress-free job. They are cautious and don't like to risk. In love, they can be cold and don't want to attach, since they don't want to get hurt. Aj is an authority, it is gentle, yet noble.

It does not seek the limelight. This is a day that seeks sustenance for its people, that keeps everything in its rightful place. It is a day where we ask for the courage and bravery to stand up straight and tall, to do the right thing. The number 8 is considered to be a number of wholeness. It can be seen as birth 1 and death 7 combined to represent the whole cycle of the soul.

It can also be seen as the point where the four first men who raised the sky from the sea were joined by their wives and the world become whole. It is the most common day for ceremonies to be made, it is still in the balanced range of numbers and is an even number, which is also considered fortunate. When we have journeyed through life, there is no doubt we have accumulated knowledge, understanding and perhaps even wisdom through our experiences.

The path never really ends, one journey will always lead to another. However, we may come to a point where a particular stage comes to a culmination. In the physical journey this is obvious, we reach our destination, possibly the top of the mountain. But when we get to the top of the mountain, what do we see? Possibilities of new journeys as we are able to see all the paths leading to other mountains. We might rest and enjoy the view for a while as we consider our options, but it is essential that that we move on. To do this we need to make a decision on our direction using the experience of the path we just completed to guide us.

From the top of the mountain, the end of the ascending path, we can see everywhere we went, and everything we experienced, on our journey to get there. Our successes and failures, out defeats and our victories, our tears and our smiles. Today is a day of bringing closure to a part of our life, a journey that has been completed. Within the solar calendar, today marks the beginning of a new month as we travel through the solar year. This should mark the point in time where that first sowing of maize, which took place days ago, is ripened and ready, marking the beginning of the maize harvesting season.

It should also mark the point in the year where the rain ceases to fall and we move into the dry months before the new Year Lord takes his seat in days time. It is particularly interesting that this takes place on the astronomical cross quarter day of Samhain. This point of the year is exactly midway between the Equinox and the Solstice, and was considered the first day of winter in the Celtic calendar. It is seen as the death of the Sun god, the sun descending into the underworld, where it will remain until Imbolc Feb 3rd Regardless of the hemisphere and whether it is seen as the beginning of winter or the beginning of summer, there is a particular alignment which is happening, which is said to be an opening of portals to the otherworld.

Perhaps rather than just seeing it as where the sun shines on the Earth, we could think of it as how the sun interacts with our magnetosphere. This could suggest that the power of the year lord will go through a change at this point of the year, the original strength diminished after being used throughout the growing season.

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The year lord could be seen as having done his work and now enters a period of retirement, so perhaps the intensity this year lord has been demonstrating may be softened. It can be a thrill seeker, and sometimes will take risks to understand what it is examining. This can give rise to a lack of direction, aimless wandering. It may not know exactly where it is going, but it will when it gets there.

It is a day to find or remember your path, a day to ask for your path to be cleared of obstructions, and a day to ask for guidance and protection on your path. If we imagine the numbers 1 through 13 as a pyramid, the number seven would be at the top. While this may be very noble, it may lead to indecision.

This which would seem strange as it is only half way through the journey. The numbers 1 and 7 embrace all other numbers as they appear in the sequence of nawales, and thus give a suggestion of beginnings and endings. This could be seen as the day on which masterpieces are created, with some divine assistance. What kind of masterpiece you create will be up to you.

Today is a powerful day for stabilising the reality you choose for yourself. It is just as comfortable painting, as it is playing music or writing. The arts come naturally to this nawal. This can lead to a certain arrogance around those who fail to achieve their standard of excellence. It is the nawal of the born entertainer, who can sing, dance and play all at once.

It is a particularly fun loving nawal that feeds on the adoration of the crowd that it pleases. It is a day to create, especially within the fields of the arts. It is also a day to weave your reality the way you see fit. Now is the time to incorporate what you wish into the pattern before it is birthed. It is the first of the three middle numbers of the cycle, the balance point neither too strong nor too weak. It is a day frequently used for ceremony thanks to its conducive energy.

It represents the four directions with the Heart of the Sky and the Heart of the Earth. However, of course, it might also give rise to some true understanding of unconditional love. Yet again we see a day with a challenging energy appear in the trecena of Kame. This can lead to the possibility of challenging situations arising, particularly within relationships. Sometimes they betray our trust and our faith in them. This does not just apply to relationships, of course.

Remember, this trecena of Kame is all about a transformation of our spirit, and it is only through testing of our faith in our path and our lives that we can see if we are ready to embrace that transformation. This is not just the federal or district law, these are the laws of society. It is true justice. It is the nawal of police, lawyers and judges. The positive traits of this day give rise to to some of the greatest displays of friendship, but be aware that your loyalty may be tested by temptation.

The Sacred Mayan calendar is often said to be a calendar of human life, and parts of it can be seen as a microcosm of the human body. The number five is one of these parts. It is with our hands that we work, and with what we earn for that work that we pay our debts. Five is also a number that relates to the sacred fire where we pay our debts with offerings and prayers. Five might be so busy working that it fails to remember what it is working for.

The nawal Toj brings with it the appropriate time to make a payment, but today this is very much something which should apply to the physical reality. It is a day to pay off your physical debts and allow others to pay theirs. They connect both the debtor and the lender, nibbling away at their energy and causing both an imbalance and and unnecessary attachment.

The theme of this trecena of Kame is spiritual transformation, and this is difficult to undergo when such physical attachments are present. Big debts can be very detrimental to the health, but may also be difficult to clear. Small ones might be more manageable. Likewise, it is important to remind others of their debt towards you, even if you feel awkward doing this. The energy goes both ways and it is better to clear it. Today is a day to repay favours, if nothing is asked for then why not just do something nice for someone who has helped you out in the past.

Toj helps to bring health and well being when payments are made, and so making physical payments today can help to heal divides within your community and bring transformation. The nawal Toj represents offerings and payment. Tojil asked in return for sacrifice to be made. Toj is the nawal of the sacred fire, and it is to the fire that we make offerings in order to burn away what would commonly be known as karmic debts.

In this way we restore balance, we bring our accounts back to zero. These acts might involve a sacrifice of our time or energy in order to strengthen our community. We can choose to act or we can choose to ignore, but be aware — ignoring an opportunity to make a payment on a Toj day might bring a ill fortune, the removal of the protection. Payment should be made with an open heart, thanks might not be quickly forthcoming, and may not come at all. The number 4 is very important within Mayan mythology. The number four is representative of the four first men, who raised the sky from the sea to create the world we live on.


In Mayan myth it is four pillars that support the sky from the Earth. As you can imagine, four is a number which represents stability, a solar number. Even though it is still low, it is thought of as a good number. However, today they might lose a little of their lustre. Even the usual connection to the plant world may be obstructed today.

The harvest is on its way, but full abundance cannot be reaped at this time, full ripeness has not yet been reached. Today might bring some setbacks with that process. However, when an energy is so fertile and prosperous, life can become too easy. There are various myths about the creation which link with the number 3.

One is that at the time of creation, three stone jumped out of the fireplace and formed the new world. These three stones are called the hearthstones, and are still seen in many Maya homes today, on the fire supporting the tortilla griddle. The number 3 is still in the low end of the range of numbers.

It does not have much energy yet, and it is also an odd number. The lack of stability in the physical, external world that it brings suggests that the more appropriate action is to look to the internal world, both of the home and of yourself. He makes a sacrifice of his own blood so that the maize, sustenance of the people, will sprout. Representative of fertility and abundance through the cycle of life, death and resurrection. From the Dresden Codex. The Resplendent Quetzal, National bird of Guatemala.

A dancing shaman transforms himself into a jaguar. From a late classic era vase found at Altar de Sacrificios. This 8 Aj ceremony was held on 24th April to introduce ourselves to the spirits of the land here before we started to build. It was a way to start with the energetic level, the unseen world, before moving in to the physical. This is the same circle that we use for ceremony to this day.

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The path that led to the top of the pyramid. Climbing La Danta at El Mirador had been a dream of mine for 22 years. Here I celebrate taking the final steps of a very long journey by sounding my conch. As I can see all around I now look for a new adventure. From the top of La Danta, we could see the pyramids at El Tintal, where we had come from, and Nakbe, where we were going.

Picture by Litmus A. Freeman Within the solar calendar, today marks the beginning of a new month as we travel through the solar year. The numbers of the days as they appear through the trecena.

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