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The astrologer nevertheless should ignore their ruling planet and concentrate only on the significators for the friend and her expected baby. How to Locate the Question? Most astrologers use the latitude and longitude of the person asking the question since the question was born in their mind at their location and not at that of the astrologer's. It is their question and only they fully understand it. Example 2: If the querent who is in Dublin telephones the astrologer in London, use the latitude and longitude of Dublin which is 53N20, 6W Example 3: If the querent in Copenhagen writes a letter, sends a fax or uses the electronic mail on their computer, to the astrologer in London, use the latitude and longitude of Copenhagen which is 55N40, 12E How to Time the Question?

The moment the question is asked either face to face or by telephone is the time to use for drawing the horoscope, whether it is fully understood or not. If the question is included in a letter, fax or on electronic mail, it should be timed for the moment the astrologer reads the question. If the question is not fully understood by the astrologer at that moment, it can be clarified later in discussion with the querent.


The instant the astrologer first asks their own question is the correct time to use for drawing the horoscope. If, because of their knowledge of the planetary movements or for any other reason such as waiting for the emotional impact to be strong enough after they have already thought of the question, the astrologer decides to postpone the moment and ask again at a later time, they will only succeed in deceiving themselves. There should be no reason whatsoever for delaying or postponing the time of their own question or that of their client's and they should not expect a successful outcome to the question.

Understanding the Question. Sometimes it may be necessary to seek further clarification from the querent as they may not always reveal the full meaning behind their question or express themselves clearly enough. There may be personal reasons for this, or it may be that they have difficulty in clarifying their question, or it may be that the astrologer simply does not understand. This point is very important as the astrologer is at the mercy of the querent in the sense that the question posed, which may appear to be simple enough, has deeper meanings for the querent.

The astrologer will be unaware of these deeper meanings unless they interrogate the querent until they understand the question fully. It is best to be certain of the question before delineating the horoscope. Asking the same question twice. It is pointless asking the same question twice as it will only produce an invalid horoscope on the second occasion.

It is the horoscope that was drawn for the moment when the question was first asked that is the valid one. It is essential to keep a record of questions in order to avoid asking the same question or one very similar to it, twice, perhaps in a diary especially kept for horary.

House System. This is due to the fact that in over 14 years of horary experience any mistakes that I have made have been attributed to other factors and not to this house system. Nevertheless, other house systems may be used if preferred. Each astrologer must test the accuracy of their own favourite house system for themselves".

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Using the houses in horary astrology:. The First House. Represents the person asking the question. The Second House. This house deals with the querent's movable possessions and anything they own. It concerns their money and whether they will become rich or not. The Third House. All forms of communication, whether by letter, by postal delivery, telephone or fax, or the Internet. It was believed to be the house that dealt with rumours and gossip.

It has rulership over brothers and sisters and all siblings. The Fourth House.


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Property, buildings, houses and homes and the land. It governs the father and family background. The Fifth House. Creativity and the talents of the querent, children, lovers, casual affairs, sports and competition. The Sixth House.

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Sickness and ill health, medicines, employees, people who render a service or do work for you. The police and army.

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It is believed to describe working condition and part time work. The Seventh House. Marriage and committed relationships, business partnerships, contracts with another, open enemies, the other. The Eighth House. Debts, other peoples' money, sex, death. The Ninth House. Foreign travel and foreigners, visas and legal documents dealing with foreign countries. Higher education, studying at university or some other kind of college. Religion and philosophy. The Tenth House. Profession or career, one's public standing or reputation. The Judge in a court, Kings queens and monarchs. Success and winning a game of court battle.

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The Eleventh House. Friends and acquaintances, large groups of people, associations. The Twelfth House. All secret hidden matters, secret enemies, prisons, hospitals and institutions. The Orbs of the Planets. It is believed to be the first time in written form that each planet was allocated a certain number of degrees for its orbs.

The Orbs of Planets according to Al Biruni:. Each planet had its own number of degrees of orb and when two planets were aspecting each other their degrees were added together then divided by two. I have been a full time professional astrologer providing astrological services for more than 25 years to individuals across the globe. The messages from the universe help guide you to reach and accomplish what you are meant to do in this life.

Astrology is an amazing tool for spiritual evolution. Nightlight Astrology an Archetypal Astrology School offering local and online astrology courses, astrology readings, online astrology webinars, and daily horoscopes. Bhava Adhipatyas. On the basis of his lagna the various planets get rulership of various bhavas in his life ie. Vimshothari Dasa. A human being was projected to live for years if he maintains him well and naturally as all of us know physically and mentally he is not the same through out.

Therefore each planet had a relay race and the humans were to act within these parameters. Nakshatra Padas. As we know a planet is nearer to us than a star and a rasi includes more than one cluster of stars. Therefore the planets also receive and boost the vibrations of the stars. Therefore the effect of the combination of each planet with each star was worked out. Some combinations giving positive results while others not.

They also found that combination of certain planets in conjunction resulted in lifting the positive vibrations or aggravating the negative vibrations. Amsas- Subdivisional Charts. They further fine tuned the horoscope by subdividing the degree of the planets in various permutations and combinations and arrived at Amsa charts which helped them to corroborate the predictions as per the Rasi chart.

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Of the various amsa charts Navamsa chart is considered very important for predictions. Gochara- Effect of transitory movements. The next question arose in the sages mind as to how to overcome the unfavorable ones and make them also favorable. The extremely graceful and ever blissful God revealed to them the methods of vibrations which will off set the negative vibrations and boost the positive vibrations. These are the great mantras preserved by the sages for the posterity.

Each planet's basic vibratory sound was identified and therefore fore each planet a root mantra,a bijakshara, a gayathri mantra etc was developed to take care of the negative vibrations.

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