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So, what if a card reading shows something bad in store for that particular client? Its a fine line between just being a tarot reader and a confidante.

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Being the tech-savvy manager she is, Anisha has created a YouTube page TarotbyAnisha where she uploads monthly videos sharing monthly predictions on areas like Love, relationships, career et al with viewers. The page has registered around views. Love makes the world go around.

CAPRICORN September Astrology | Tarot By Anisha |

Home Bangalore. What her tarot cards foretell From reading market charts and sales figures, Anisha Banerjee prefers reading the unseen that her deck of cards show. Leo's numerous implications incorporate heart, warmth, and inventiveness. This mysterious sign impacts the heart framework and upper back.

Standard, Rustic brown and green keeps Virgo grounded and concentrated on constant development. Brown color speaks to the strength and supports the cautious and deliberate methodology the Virgin takes to life. In nature, green is the shade of development and fortifies Virgo's long-lasting predicament toward personal growth. The colors influence the lower stomach related framework, digestive organs, and stomach.

Fragile pink and light blue assistance to open Libra's heart and mollify its essence.

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These pale shades carry a quieting and amiable nearness to Libra's character. Symbolizing a cool, unpretentious breeze, light blue builds lucidity and parity, while pink conjures Libra's sweet and adoring nature. Its related hues are about equalization, association, and concordance.

Libra is connected to the endocrine framework, kidneys. Dark and puzzling black keeps Scorpio strongly curious and concentrated on change. Black speaks to the profundities where the Scorpion dwells and reinforces its drive to look underneath the surface and question everything. In western culture the black color is related to death and resurrection, improving Scorpio's quality of giving up and its capacity to change itself.

Scorpio's many shading implications incorporate change, conceiving an offspring and furthermore heightening. It is connected to the genital and excretory frameworks. Lush purple pushes Sagittarius' philosophical personality toward illumination and transparency.


Additionally, a shade of wealth, purple energizes Sagittarius' common karma and positive nature and drives it to consistently expand its perspectives. It is administered by Jupiter and impacts organs like liver, just as the autonomic sensory system, thighs, development and so forth.

Earthy grey and brown assistance Capricorn locate the most grounded and most handy way to take throughout everyday life. These solid however unbiased hues upgrade Capricorn's robustness, unwavering quality, and conventionalism. A mix of boundaries white and black builds the moderate idea of Capricorn and its simple way to deal with life.

Brown speaks to solidness and can significantly profit the Goat's undaunted assurance as it endeavors to achieve its objectives. It impacts the bones, skeletal framework, teeth, skin and so on. Calming blue empowers Aquarius' splendid thoughts and parity its fretful vitality. Much the same as the sky and the waters Aquarius is so firmly associated with, blue speaks to incomprehensibility and makes a smooth progression of thoughts, discussion, and experimentation. Fun actuality: Uranus Aquarius' decision planet is additionally blue! These hues are related to the bioelectrical driving forces, lower legs and so forth.

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  8. Quite pale green yields relieve and improvement and then correlates Pisces with its intuitive. As the shade of life, light green speaks to restoration and motivation, empowering the mending and reviving energies that Pisces is known for. Pisces is a mysterious sign that is identified with the lymphatic framework, body-liquids, and mind.

    Just a few days past the successful installation of the app And Damn!!!

    CAPRICORN September Astrology 2015 | Tarot By Anisha

    I'm kind of hung up on this, I'm checking the horoscope everyday.. And I thought I was the type that did not believe on celestial bodies above.

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    6. Anyway, we all need few words of encouragement every now and then. Anyone I read their horoscope exact words from the app, be like 'Woahh that felt very real or YESS that's exactly what I'm going through'. Simple design, user friendly interface makes reading horoscope from this app so easy and smoothly.

      With motivation quote, it's more good..

      libra december 2019 tarot by anisha Libra december 2019 tarot by anisha
      libra december 2019 tarot by anisha Libra december 2019 tarot by anisha
      libra december 2019 tarot by anisha Libra december 2019 tarot by anisha
      libra december 2019 tarot by anisha Libra december 2019 tarot by anisha
      libra december 2019 tarot by anisha Libra december 2019 tarot by anisha
      libra december 2019 tarot by anisha Libra december 2019 tarot by anisha

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