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CAPRICORN (December 23-January 20)

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Share on Pinterest pinterest. Even if you find yourself stuck in a strange situation today although not, I'm sure, one that involves anything devious you have options. How do people pull off extraordinary tricks and deceptions? I'm not suggesting there's anything to be gained by being able to rob a bank, or commit grand-theft auto, but there's something to be learned from this kind of mentality.

It has to do with confident, brazen, cheekiness. A delicate situation needs taking in hand. The problem is that you're not sure that it's your place to take action. It's time to stop doubting yourself. You have the ability to achieve the best outcome imaginable. How have you been doing since the Transit of Mercury?

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With Mars and Jupiter aligning today, there's strong cosmic encouragement to take control of a situation. If there's something you've been wanting to change, this is the moment to take action. Anything that feels sacrosanct can be left to one side. Rather than spinning all the plates of possibilities at the same time, you can prioritise what needs to be focused on. Then, if you give it everything you've got, success will be yours.

This is the last sentence. Don't panic! I'm not suggesting that these are the last words you'll ever read, or the last I'll ever write. I'm just hoping to stimulate your imagination so that you can focus more clearly on your recent glimpse of the end of something. It's as if you've seen into the future and aren't sure that a process is going to work out in the way that you want it to.

But, the truth, is that you've only seen part of the picture. Just as there will be more words, there will be more to discover. Football teams know the advantages of playing at home. Not only are the players familiar with the pitch, but the crowd will be cheering them on. The positive atmosphere has an impact on the game. But what about the people at home, watching on TV, who are willing their team to do well?

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Does their good will affect the players too? Even when we're a long way from the action, encouraging, long-distance thoughts can make a difference. You're the recipient of distant, yet tangible support today. There's a brilliant scene in the film Duck Soup, where Groucho Marx is looking at his reflection in a mirror. Except, his brother, Chico, who has broken the mirror, is covering up the breakage by pretending to be his reflection. Filmed in the days before special effects, Chico brilliantly emulates his brother's moves.

It's made all the funnier because we know that it's going to go wrong!

Tauranga's begging ban is 'inhumane' -

Following the Transit of Mercury, not only are you able to see through a charade, you'll find it amusing too. Recent weeks have left you buffeted and bruised by the enormity of the changes going on around you. You're wondering how you're ever going to keep up the pace.

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There's too much to remember, and too many consequences to deal with. It feels as if you're surrounded by endless challenging choices.

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Frankly, it's exhausting. But it's also an exciting time. As Mars and Jupiter link today, the worst is behind you.

nz herald horoscopes monday Nz herald horoscopes monday
nz herald horoscopes monday Nz herald horoscopes monday
nz herald horoscopes monday Nz herald horoscopes monday
nz herald horoscopes monday Nz herald horoscopes monday
nz herald horoscopes monday Nz herald horoscopes monday

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