Weekly horoscope aquarius 28 february 2020

The week ahead for aquarius

Are you living your life for YOU, Aquarius, or to please other people?

AQUARIUS 2020 - 2021 Astrology Annual Horoscope Forecast

You know the right way to answer that question, so bow out of a draining obligation or three and open up your schedule. For the next couple weeks, you may feel like there's no place on the planet more inviting than your own warm nest.

Not that you'll be lying around Netflix-and-chilling the whole time. This lunar lift motivates you to get your haven in tiptop shape. Start with a major cleaning and decluttering mission so that if you do decide to do some redecorating, you'll have a blank canvas to work with. Don't just see what's there; try to imagine things looking completely different.

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Results for Combust Venus will be affecting during the period from May 29 to June Detailed predictions for Aquarius Horoscope are given herewith:. Economic life of Aquarians in the year seems to be moderate. Income may fluctuate or you may not have regular income due to the placement of Saturn in your 12th house, the house of expenditure and also it is aspecting to your second house of wealth. There are high chances of sudden expenditures which would drive you towards stress with regards to your financial situation.

Despite the fact, you would be able to save your money and will accumulate a fine share of wealth. Consider all the aspects and remain attentive while taking any decision related to money. If starting your own business venture is the dream you are following, properly analyse the pros and cons of your business idea, prior to taking an action. You should not hesitate to take help from others. Avoid investing in speculations as Rahu is posited in your fifth house till the month of September.

You may suffer a loss. You need to take care of your health this year. Stomach related problems must not be ignored.

Aquarius Horoscope 2020

You should not act careless and consult a doctor about matters related to your health. Once Saturn and Rahu transit in your 12th and 4th house respectively, it would give rise to mental stress. It would help you maintain good health. You should refrain from oily and fried food items as you may become overweight and initiate your journey towards obesity during this year. Year looks average for your career.

Although you may have a good inflow of income due to the position of Jupiter in your 11th house, making you capable of coping up with adverse situation. Saturn would remain in your 12th house most of the year. Good aspect of Jupiter on your 7th house indicates good legal or business partnership this year. It is recommended not to involve your family members in your professional life or work.

Your luck will favour you most of the year. You may recover your losses if any occurs. You may gain through foreign connections if you are connected to or associated with foreign land or companies. If you are running your own business, you need to avoid taking risky decisions. If you are thinking of new business opportunity, take the advice of experts or people who are connected with or have some experience in that particular field.

You may suffer a loss or may lose your job. There's also a possibility of you getting transferred from your existing place. You may also go abroad this year for work or business matters. Also Read: The Material Trinity.

According to horoscope , the beginning of this year may not be rewarding for the students who are preparing for competitive examinations. You may face difficulties in achieving your goals this year.

Aquarius Daily Horoscope

You may go abroad for higher education during the months of March-June if you have been putting efforts for the same. Studying in foreign countries may prove to be beneficial for you. You may, however, face difficulty in technical studies this year. Due to an aspect of Jupiter, Saturn and Mars on your 6th house of competition , you may get desired results during the middle of the year. The result would be in your favour in provided you work equally hard.

The transit of Rahu in your 5th house may lead to concentration issues in studying. It would be sorted once Rahu gets transited in your fourth house after the month of September.

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You may chase the path of success thereafter. Overall, this year contains mixed results for students.

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This year, you will remain busy with one thing or the other and will not get enough time to spend with your family. You might be developing your social conscience and decide to take action to help others in some way. This will be good for your spiritual growth. Love: Keep enjoying the pleasures that Venus and Jupiter send in your direction. As for singletons, Cupid is waiting for you, so put yourself out there! November horoscope: What a time to be alive! Luck is well and truly on your side at work this month. Although misunderstandings come and go in the workplace, be wary of grudges that others still hold.

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Health according to Aquarius Horoscope 2020

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weekly horoscope aquarius 28 february 2020 Weekly horoscope aquarius 28 february 2020
weekly horoscope aquarius 28 february 2020 Weekly horoscope aquarius 28 february 2020
weekly horoscope aquarius 28 february 2020 Weekly horoscope aquarius 28 february 2020
weekly horoscope aquarius 28 february 2020 Weekly horoscope aquarius 28 february 2020
weekly horoscope aquarius 28 february 2020 Weekly horoscope aquarius 28 february 2020
weekly horoscope aquarius 28 february 2020 Weekly horoscope aquarius 28 february 2020
weekly horoscope aquarius 28 february 2020 Weekly horoscope aquarius 28 february 2020

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