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Around April end this year both Jupiter and Saturn will witness retrograde motion, and this is the period where you should be careful about taking any major decisions in your business.

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New business or new partnerships will start showing favorable results after September-October this year. People in Job expecting promotion etc.

During this Jupiter's transit, your financial strength will witness marked stability and you will witness a gradual increase in the financial gains. You will get ample opportunities to earn wealth and increase your financial strength this year. You'd be able to save comfortably whether you are running your business or are working somewhere. In fact, if you are working, you'd be able to save much more than ever before.


You are likely to spend on the good which you always wanted to purchase especially for your household or renovating your house. Jupiter, during its transit is likely to give ample opportunity to you to convert your love into something meaningful like marriage. You will have an affectionate and lovable relationship with your lover. If your loved one asks for marriage, then you should give your consent and get married. In a nutshell, it is going to be an excellent year for lovers and people who are in a relationship. Women who wish to have their child can get pregnant in this phase.

Saturn will be transiting in Sagittarius Sign in your 6th house from your moon sign for the whole of the year It will be in retrograde motion from 30th of April to the 18th of September. For Cancer people, Saturn is having lordship of 7th and 8th houses in their moon chart, so Saturn is purely a malefic planet for them. Saturn's adverse transit over the 6th house is going to create difficulties in their married life, more intensely if their 7th house is afflicted in some way or the other.

So, in a nutshell, Saturn's adverse transit could create havoc for their married life. Resorting to remedial measures and chanting of Hanuman Chalisa is going to help them. Ketu's transit over 7th is also going to create problems in married life, and it is also going to affect the health of your spouse so things will be rather full of strain. If you have a side hustle like making graphic tees or selling your art, you can turn it into something bigger and really clean up.

Mercury is retrograde when it backs into your sign in mid-July, and by now you know that isn't the best news you could hear. But if you know what to expect, you can make the best of it and come out relatively unscathed.

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Cancer Horoscope 12222: Love, Career & Health

What to watch out for now is being overly emotional with your communications because the last thing you want is to break down crying during an important meeting. Stay strong when things don't go your way. The year seems to be a very good one for Cancers in terms of professional success. It becomes most evident in the summer when their innovative drive and creativity will spring forth. Learning to balance your work relationships will be most useful in this sense.

You Cancers need to be hardworking, devoted to a singular goal and strive to perfect your craft.

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Overcome any obstacles, solve any issues, and prevail against all odds. With determination and persistence, you will make it in the end. This year, you will be even more motivated and determined to show the world what you can do. Certain contexts will incite your potential to be released at its full extent.

Clearly, hard-work is paid off eventually.

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The planets make it seem as though the Cancers are blessed by the heavens from a health perspective. They will be at their best for the duration of this year. They will spin out of control sometimes, especially if Cancers become stressed out. Overexertion is common in their case because they work a lot. Diversifying the diet, eating healthier, and doing exercises should solve this issue. Their entire success rate in is contingent on these emotional explosions.

If unexpected complications appear, natives should attempt to nullify them as fast as possible.

Cancer finances in 2020

You should make any required changes in your life, even if that means changing your habits entirely. The future is here, and you have to take on as many opportunities as possible. Try to put yourself out there, to enforce your convictions, and to be as confident as you can for the upcoming challenges.

You need to learn from your mistakes, not wallow into despair. You should try to strengthen your social relationships, to love and show affection to your friends and family.

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